What is SendMusic?
SendMusic is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to send and receive music files, best of all it’s free to use. We also have 2 additional subscription plans, the Personal Plan and the Security Plan which offer huge benefits. You can check them out here.

What is a Profile Link?
Your Profile Link is your own unique short-link, that directs anyone who clicks on it to your SendMusic Profile Page. Here they can send you music and view your profile. You can insert your Profile Link wherever you want. For example on your social channels (Instagram, Twitter etc.) or include it on your email signature. 

It is https://send.mu followed by the username you signed up with.

As an example, My Profile Link is https://send.mu/kemal (my username is Kemal). 

What is my Profile Page?
Your Profile Page is your own unique SendMusic page. People can go to this to send you music easily and also see your Bio and and Links if you’ve added these.

We’ve found that users who have a completed Profile Page, i.e. they have uploaded a Profile Photo, added a short Bio and updated their own Links, receive over 70% more music than those with an incomplete Profile Page. 

Will ‘x’ listen to my music?
We cannot guarantee anyone will listen to your music. If a person does play your music you get an email notification telling you that person listened to it or not, so you would know by this method.

Do I get a notification telling me my music has been listened to?
Yes! When someone plays your music you get an email notification. If the person you’ve sent music to is not a registered SendMusic user, the email notification you receive, when they play your file, shows their email address (to identify them). If they are a registered SendMusic user, the email notification you receive shows their name (this is the name they used when they signed up to SendMusic).

How do I create a link to a song and send it in an email?
Follow the usual steps to send a song. Upload the song and send it to yourself, i.e. to your own email address . The last confirmation screen of this process shows the link generated. Copy this link and paste it in an email.  Or just forward the email you’ve sent to yourself which has the link to the song in it.

Can you delete my account?
Yes, please send an email to support. Please include any relevant information e.g. the email address you registered with or your name.

Can you listen to my song, give feedback and consider yourselves?
We love to listen to the music you send us! However, we are not a record label, agency or promotion service. All we can do is provide you some friendly feedback. Feel free to send your music to Kemal here.

My verification link didn’t work?
Sorry that you’re experiencing difficulties, please send support an email and we’ll get a verification email resent to you asap. 

How do I upload music I want to promote on my profile?
To do this it’s generally best if you already have your music on a streaming platform such as Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes etc. If you do then just log into your SendMusic account, click on the 3 horizontal line on the top left of the page and from the drop-down menu select ‘send.mu Links’. On the Settings page that follows, scroll down to send.mu.Links section. Here you can add links to your music (or anything else, like your own website for example).

I can’t download a file that I’ve been sent?
This usually means the sender of the file set it to ‘Stream Only’ when they uploaded it. You need to ask them to set the file to Stream & Download. If they did and the issue remains please email support.

Why is SendMusic so slow?
It should not be slow, we test SendMusic to make it the fastest file transfer service possible.  There can be a number of factors affecting internet connection speed, such as signal strength, location, number of devices on your network etc. If this problem persists after please do contact support asap, we’d love to help!

Anything else…
Please email support. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions we would love to hear from you!