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An expert in radio and audio, Kemal has worked for over 10 years at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra producing shows for millions of music fans. He was responsible for bringing Grammy-nominated producer Diplo to the BBC and has produced the UK’s top talent including everyone from Tim Westwood and Trevor Nelson through to Pete Tong and Annie Nightingale. Beyond radio, he’s had an extensive career in the wider music industry working with the likes of First Access Entertainment, Ministry of Sound, MTA Records, AEI Media, The Invisible Men, Downtown Music Publishing and loads of other great clients.



A technology and music enthusiast, Pal is passionate about the world of cloud based technology and SaaS products whilst also being a published musician and producer in his own time. Pal has worked at the BBC as a Product Manager across their device and application portfolio, bringing together design and engineering teams to create exceptional products that empower and delight users. From his early days as the ‘webmaster’ at the seminal Black Markets Records store in Soho, London, to now, Pal brings a wealth of product knowledge coupled with real world experience of the technical challenges faced by today’s music movers, shakers and makers.



An experienced startup founder and developer, Ben is the technical force behind SendMusic. He’s worked for a range of businesses from Vice and AEI Media (whose portfolio includes D&B Arena, UKF, SubSoul, The Sound You Need and plenty more) to, more recently, Universal Music. Over the last five years he built, launched and then sold Chew, a live streaming platform for DJ’s, and has vast experience building and developing communities and tools for music makers and the industry.