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SendMusic helping you with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get 6 month’s free on our Security Plan – just sign up for an account here if you haven’t done so already and then upgrade here using the code letsgo

Use code letsgo at checkout

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Everyone at SendMusic appreciates that this is a really difficult time for artists, musicians and dj’s across the world.  Gigs and festivals are getting cancelled with every passing day because of the Coronavirus and it’s impact.  Many in music rely on this live income in order to survive and continue to keep their passion as a sustainable career.

We set up SendMusic to help the music community get heard – to enable artists and music makers to send their art in an easier way and for those playing music (dj’s, radio presenters and more) to find the most exciting tracks to support.  Each of the founders have been in these situations and we know how tough it can be.

That’s why we’re offering any artist, musician or dj who has had a gig cancelled because of the Coronavirus outbreak a full 6 months free when upgrading to our top tier – the Security Plan on SendMusic.  Just use the code ‘letsgo‘.  It’s a small gesture from us to help the makers we serve at this unprecedented time.  If you’re not able to perform your music, we want to help be the reason you keep creating until you can again.

Use code letsgo at checkout

Claim Now

Just sign up for an account here if you haven’t done so already and then upgrade here using the code letsgo.

Please note, in order to benefit for the full 6 months you’ll need to be subscribed for the full period.  Whenever you cancel – your subscription will only run until the end of that monthly cycle and then drop down to our free tier.  So if you sign up and cancel straight away, you’ll only have the Security Plan until the end of the first month.  For clarity, you can cancel at anytime within the 6 months free period and you won’t be charged – any invoices you may receive will be for $0.00.  If you have any questions, as always – feel free to get in touch with us.

Lots of love,
SendMusic xx

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