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SendMusic Customisation and Security Plans

We’ve been very busy here at SendMusic towers. From launching our new Security Plan a few weeks back to being shortlisted as one of the ‘Companies 2 Watch’ at ADE, things have been steadily ramping up for us, which is really exciting and inspiring. The great feedback we’ve been receiving from across the industry and from our user base has been keeping the wind in our sails and we’re very pumped for the year ahead. We have a raft of amazing features waiting to be released, which will continue to keep us at the front of the pack when it comes to sending music files in the easiest, securest and most intuitive way possible. 

Personal Plan 

In today’s blog post I wanted to first highlight a sometimes overlooked SendMusic facility that you can utilise as part of your creative arsenal to really streamline, promote and push you and your brand. Used properly you can align everything you’re involved with and build attention. From music release graphics to logos to website colour schemes, you can curate a consistent design style across all your channels. This is achieved with the ability to customise the colours and images on your SendMusic Profile Page by upgrading to our Personal Plan. 

For just the cost of a coffee you get access to great customisation features bundled with this plan. You can either change the background colours and animation colours of your Profile Page  or add a background image of your choice. Additionally you can remove any SendMusic branding to make your Profile Page look like it’s completely your own with no association to SendMusic and you can additionally remove the ‘Send Music to me’ button, if you choose to not  receive any music. You can always edit any of these settings via the ‘Settings’ panel and you can also preview any colour changes also, to make sure they look good before setting them live to the world.

Check out Kemal’s Profile Page to see what you can do with changing the page and animation colours:

Check out my Profile Page and also Fletch’s Profile Page (he’s one of our loyal user base), to see a background image in use:

Here’s what my customised Profile Page actually looks like, as you can see I’ve added my own background image. If you are a record label, engineer, producer, or anyone else for that matter, you can change the background image or the colours to match any desired style:

With the Personal Plan you can also send files that are up to 5Gb in size, store your files for up to 60 days and send files to up to 10 people at once. Below is a complete list of the features you get access to:

  • Change your background image or page colours
  • Remove SendMusic branding
  • Hide the “Send Music to me” button
  • Send files up to 5Gb in size
  • Store your files for up to 60 days
  • Send files to up to 10 contacts

Security Plan

We continue to build SendMusic to satisfy the ever evolving requirements of our user base, keeping up with technological advancements and always trying to be as innovative as possible. We get lots of feedback and suggestions daily and there was a common thread that kept popping up from many of you – the security of your music files. We get it, you’ve spent hours on your creative endeavours and don’t want them leaked, ripped or shared without your permission. So we set about building a Security Plan that would make your files as secure as possible. 

We only launched our Security Plan a few weeks back now and the uptake has already been really good. So what is the Security Plan and what do you get exactly with this it? Well two great  features of this plan are the ability to limit the number of times a file is downloaded and also how many times a file can be played. These two features alone really increase file security by setting a boundary to the time a file can be accessed, shared and played. We also added audio watermarking as a feature. This basically overlays a ‘SendMusic’ audio sting that repeats at regular intervals over your audio file making it practically useless if it was ripped by a third party. To access your inbox (files you have received) and sent items, you need to log into your SendMusic account. This again enhances the security of the music files you manage daily. Lastly, you can also now send private messages to other SendMusic users with the Security plan. Not an outright security feature, but nevertheless a great one and worth mentioning as it gives you the ability to really connect with other SendMusic users! 

The complete list of Security Plan features are:

  • Limit downloads and plays of each file
  • Send private messages to other SendMusic users
  • Listen to music sent to your profile for 30 days
  • Send files up to 10Gb in size
  • Store your files for up to 90 days
  • Send files to up to 20 contacts
  • Customise your public SendMusic Profile Page 
  • Remove SendMusic branding
  • Hide the “Send Music to me” button
  • Change your background design and colours

As you can hopefully see, the SendMusic Customisation and Security plans are extremely useful for a wide array of people and unique uses. From Mastering Engineers to A + R’s, to Record labels the features included with the plans can really benefit pretty much anyone involved in music. Why not give one of them a try today and see how beneficial they are first hand? Please do drop me a line if you have any questions and keep creating!



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