Thanks for Supporting SendMusic

SendMusic started as a private music file transfer service back in 2018. The site has grown and evolved since then into a community of artists and music industry pros focussed around secure sharing and simple collaboration. However, after three years the project has not scaled to the point where it is sustainable to continue. Because of this we've made the tough decision to shut down the site and move on to new projects.

What does this mean for the existing SendMusic site, accounts and subscriptions?

We will be shutting down access to the site within the next two weeks. If you have a paid subscription it will cancelled as soon possible within the next 30 days before your next billing cycle.

Please make sure to listen to and download any new music in your inbox as we will be permanently deleting all music and user data to keep your data secure.

Thank you for supporting SendMusic through this process and if you have any questions or comments email

Ben + Kemal